Order Coleoptera



Carpet Beetles live both inside and outdoors in flower beds, usually entering homes when plants are brought inside. While outside, Carpet Beetles will feed on pollen and nectar, and inside will make a meal of carpet and woolen fibers and animal products. Carpet Beetles cause damage while they are in the larval stage and often cause dermatitis in humans if handled at any stage..

The Carpet Beetle is small and round, ranging from gray to black in color, and has a pattern of white and orange scales on its back. They are similar to Lady Bugs in shape and measure roughly 1/5 inch long. Females lay 30 to 100 eggs at a time, which will hatch in approximately 10-20 days. The Carpet Beetle Larval stage lasts from 60 to 325 days, and adult will live from 20 to 60 days.


Regular cleaning of spilled food or lint will eliminate any sites for potential breeding. Susceptible items like food, woolens, and furs should be stored in an insect proof container. (Factoid Source: wikipedia)