Daddy Long Legs Spiders

Family Phalangiidae



Daddy Long Legs spiders feed on small insects, decaying matter and plant nectar. They normally live in foliage and tree trunks, or on exterior walls in shady areas. With 4 pairs of long, thin legs, the Daddy Long Legs will range in color from yellow to green- or red-brown and measures from 1/8 to 1/2 inch long.

The female Daddy Long Legs spider places her eggs into the soil, where they remain throughout the winter months to hatch in the spring. These spiders only produce one generation a year. Their delicate legs will easily break off and will not regenerate.


When the spider is threatened by a touch to the web or when too large a prey becomes entangled, the spider vibrates rapidly in a gyrating motion in its web and becomes blurred, almost invisible. For this reason pholcids have sometimes been called “vibrating spiders.” (Factoid Source: wikipedia)