Genus Gryllus



Field Crickets are black and range from 1/2 to 1.25 inches long. As their name suggests, they are normally found in fields, pastures and lawns, and only sporadically indoors. The Field Cricket will eat almost anything, but seeks out field crops such as wheat, alfalfa, oats and rye. It also has been known to dine on cotton, linen, wool and silk.

Field Crickets normally produce one generation each year and generally hatch in May. By mid- to late-Summer they reach adulthood and will die off around September. Field Crickets have also been known to break out in massive numbers, swarming several square miles.


Male crickets “sing and dance” to attract females. The “song” is made by rubbing the front wings together. Females hear the song through tympanum (eardrums) on their front legs. Once a female approaches a male, he will do a move back and forth in a sort of courtship “dance.”