Blatta orientalis



The Oriental Cockroach is not a fleet afoot as other cockroach and it is recognized by the distinctively bad odor it puts off. With a dark brown color the Oriental Cockroach grows to about 1 inch long and is commonly found outdoors. It will enter buildings through sewer pipes and prefers to live near the ground in warm, damp spaces.

The Oriental Cockroach will eat anything, but especially prefers starches, garbage, decaying organic matter and sewage. Females lay egg capsules that contain up to 16 eggs and usually produce 8 capsules. Oreintal Cockroach nymphs molt seven times with about a year before maturing to adults. Adults will live up to 6 months.


Oriental cockroaches are often called water bugs because of their preference for dark, damp, and cool areas such as those under sinks and washing machines, and in damp basements. (Factoid Source: Steve Jacobs, Sr. Extension Associate, Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences)