Periplaneta fuliginosa



Smokeybrown (also known as Smokey Brown and Smoky Brown) Cockroaches can measure up to 2 inches long, are brown to mahogany in color, and choose to live primarily outdoors in moist areas around structures and in debris filled gutters. The Smokeybrown Cockroach seeks out these conditions because is loses moisture more easily than others in the species. At night the Smokeybrown will fly toward lights.

Snokeybrown Cockroaches are scavenger omnivores and will eat anything. Females will lay egg capsules containing about 20 eggs, attaching them to surfaces. Nymphs molt several times with about 600 days before maturing and have a white stripe on their back. Adult Smokeybrown Cockroaches will live up to six months.


These species are the largest cockroaches normally found in urban areas in the U.S.