The Halt Pest Control Difference

Halt Pest Control is unlike any other pest control company you’ve ever dealt with.

That’s because we really don’t see ourselves as being simply exterminators. Sure, that’s one of the things we do, but when you hire us we go in with the goal of helping you protect your family, home and property. The reality is we’re in the security and insurance business. We deliver peace of mind.

When you work with Halt, you’ll be working with a pest control team that:

  • Recognizes that you’re unique – your home and family situation is different from anyone else’s and your property has its own environment.
  • Delivers pest control solutions rather than treatments – your solution is tailored to your unique environment and specific needs.
  • Invests time in building a personal relationship with you and examining the causes of your pest issues.
  • Educates you in the solutions we provide and in pest prevention so that you understand what we’re doing and why, and steps you can take to prevent issues from recurring.
  • Has been a green pest control company since before green was in. We’ve always been environmentally conscious and committed to using practices and materials that leave a small “footprint.” Halt is also a QualityPro Green Certified pest control company.
  • Delivers pest control services when you need us, not when it’s convenient for our schedule.

The Halt Difference allows us to go well beyond simply removing or exterminating pests. It allows us to deliver guaranteed pest control solutions that are the best and most appropriate for you, rather than one that only adds to our sales revenue. The Halt Difference allows us to deliver the peace of mind that your family, your home and your property are protected.

The Halt Difference
We provide security and insurance – focus on protecting your family, home and property
Volume sales business – focus on selling as many products and services as possible
Invest time in developing a personal relationship and educating you
Volume driven; impersonal; no time to talk, educate, understand; deliver invoice and leave
Solution-based – you are unique, different, have your own environment
Treatment-based – one-size-fits all treatment
Go beyond simply eliminating pests – we examine causes of issues, want to know where the pests are AND why and how they got there
Simply kill bugs – only want to know the location so they can treat that spot
Deliver service when you need it, not when it’s convenient for us
Deliver treatment when it’s convenient for vendor
Provide best, most appropriate solution
Sell what’s on the menu