Another New Ant Invades

Categories: Ants, Did You Know

A new ant was discovered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2017. The little yellow ant is a tropical species that is native to Madagascar and has slowly been spreading around the world. It is likely already in other warmer areas of our country but just hasn’t been discovered yet.

This ant is extremely small—less than 2 millimeters long, or only .07 inches. That’s much smaller than almost all other ants, so it is easy to not even notice it. But what it lacks in size it makes up in sheer numbers. Think of interconnected super colonies of millions of worker ants, with not one, but thousands of egglaying queens in each colony. By the time they are detected going into a home, it is likely that their colonies are gigantic—that’s what happened when the first little yellow ants were discovered. These ants become so numerous that it can outcompete other ant species, and has the potential to become the dominant ant in each area it invades.

Fortunately, the little yellow ant does not bite. But at this time very little is known about this new invader.