Pest Control Services

Delivering professional pest control solutions

Whether you’re looking for residential pest control to protect your home and family from household pests, multi-family housing pest control to help one of your residents to eliminate a cockroach problem or commercial pest control to deal with a mouse or rodent issue, Halt Pest Control works with you to provide the right pest control solution for your specific needs.

Using green pest control practices that include monitoring devices, baits, and other low impact but highly effective methods, Halt’s approach to delivering solutions is based on the Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. So rather than simply provide a spot treatment we look at the larger picture.

When you work with Halt, here’s what you can expect… every time:
  1. First of all, Halt is one of a select group of companies in Oregon to be a QualityPro and QualityPro Green certified company. That means you can rest assured that the person you’ll be working with has undergone a rigorous driving and background check and is drug-free.
  2. Halt is dedicated to making intelligent, environmentally sound choices about techniques, materials and business practices that have a small impact on our world.
  3. We respond when you need us. We understand that you’ve got a problem and want it solved now, not next week.
  4. When you work with our technicians they’ll look beyond the location where pests were noticed and inspect the entire area to identify the source of the pest problem.
  5. Next we’ll determine the most appropriate pest control solution based on the size and type of the pest problem and your unique environment or property.
  6. We take extra care in the application of pesticides to ensure your safety and the safety of the people who live in your home or on your property.
  7. And we always employ two or more pest control measures to ensure your pest problem will be resolved.
  8. After we’ve applied the solution… we’re not quite done. We’ll spend some time with you to educate you on what we’ve done, why we’ve done it and steps you can take to manage and control the issue.
  9. Finally, your solution is guaranteed. Some situations require a little bit more follow up. If you give us a call within the term of your guaranteed service, we’ll come out to make any adjustments necessary, at no charge to you.

Because we take the time to understand your particular needs, you’ll be left with the peace of mind that your family, home and property are well protected and that you’ve received more than just a temporary fix.