Summer Stinging Pests – Yellowjackets & More

stinging-beesStinging pests are out in force during summer, and if we get on the wrong side of them, they will make us regret it—”OUCH!”

These pests have developed stings to defend themselves or their colony, and those stings are meant to hurt and make us want to ‘head for the hills’—fast! Even worse, some people have severe allergic reactions to stings, making even a single sting life-threatening if not treated immediately.

It was once thought that only about one in 250 people have severe allergic reactions to stinging pests. But more recent studies, using skin tests with bee and wasp venom, indicate that up to 4% of the population has allergic reactions. In fact, over 100 Americans die every year from severe allergic reactions to insect stings. More die from yellowjackets than any other pest. Many of those who die had never experienced an allergic sting reaction before.

People who aren’t allergic to insect venom can still die if stung enough times, which can happen when a nest is disturbed. Left untreated, kidney failure can occur within hours or days after receiving more than 150 bee stings or 20 wasp stings. But when properly and quickly treated, even victims stung over 1,000 times have survived.

Stinging pests include bees, wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, and various ants, as well as scorpions, centipedes, spiders and others. If you are experiencing problems with any of these pests, give us a call to control them.