Your Green Pest Control Company

A QualityPro Certified Company

QualityPro-buttonIf you’re like most homeowners, property managers or business owners, when you have a pest problem, whether its carpenter ants, bed bugs, rats or mice, or something else, it’s important to you that the pest control solution you use be safe for you, your family, your residents and your clients and employees. Solving your pest problem while leaving a small footprint on the environment by using green pesticides is important to you.

For nearly 20 years Halt Pest Control has been making intelligent, environmentally friendly (that’s what we called it before ‘green’ became trendy) choices about techniques, materials and business practices that leave a small footprint on the environment. For us, doing our job in a way that just makes sense.

We’ve prepared information about our green pest control practices and other information every homeowner, property manager and business owner needs to about environmentally friendly pest control, including: