What it is, and why it matters…

While Halt Pest Control has been green for some time now, we’ve raised the bar even further by becoming a QualityPro company.

QualityPro-buttonQualityPro is an initiative designed to increase professionalism in the pest management industry. This dynamic program certifies companies based on comprehensive standards. Known as “the mark of excellence in pest control,” the QualityPro designation can be achieved by ensuring that all employees voluntarily ascribe to a set of standards far above what is required by state and federal regulations.

Reserved exclusively for member companies of the National Pest Management Association, QualityPro companies are a distinguished group that continue to act as leaders and pioneers to better serve consumers across the country. Therefore, it is with great pride that we recommend you look for the QualityPro logo the next time you select a professional to eliminate your pest problems… LEARN MORE at the QualityPro Web Site

What eco-friendly practices does QualityPro require from Certified companies?

The QualityPro program contains an environmental stewardship aspect that requires companies to offer integrated pest Management services (IPM) to its customers. If you would like more information on what “IPM” means, see below…

Halt Pest Control – QualityPro Certified

Halt Pest Control is one of the select pest control companies in Oregon that can claim the QualityPro designation. We’re proud of that! The QualityPro label certifies that Halt uses only the highest standards of environmentally conscious pest management and that we go above and beyond to treat your home for pests while maintaining environmentally friendly standards. As a QualityPro company we:

  • Use non-chemical strategies, such as sanitation, as primary methods of pest management.
  • Investigate the source of the problem – and eliminate it – before applying pesticides.
  • Use pesticides only when absolutely necessary.

Going green has never been so important…or so easy. By using Halt Pest Control, a QualityPro certified pest management company, you’ll show your commitment to the environment.

Green Matters…

  • 76% of adults prefer to eliminate pest problems in their home with “green” products.
  • 61% seek out green pest control services.
  • 82% want the products they use at home to be safe for the environment.

Source: Harris Interactive®, October 2007

By using Halt Pest Control, a QualityPro company, as your pest professional, you’ll help preserve the Earth for generations to come. We’re proud to offer a variety of green pest management services – effective methods that address your concerns about controlling household pests while also addressing your concerns about protecting your family, property and the environment.